About La Dolce Vita Diva

What is La Dolce Vita?

Ah, the sweet life!  La Dolce Vita is my way of embracing all the wonderful aspects of living a full, fabulous, and satisfying life.  La Dolce Vita includes family, food, travel, fashion, and enjoying simple pleasures every day. It's a lifestyle and a mindset - and it's what reminds me to find excitement and joy within the chaos of a busy, modern woman's life.  

Inspiration from Italy and Beyond!

Whether it's the passion of our Italian sisters, the contentment of the Scandinavians, or that je ne c'est quoi of the French femmes, there is so much we can borrow from other cultures and implement in our own lives - and we don't even need a passport to do it!  Exploring the lifestyles, traditions, and everyday rituals of women who are living the sweet life helps each of us discover how we, too, can live well and celebrate our everyday moments.

Who is La Dolce Vita Diva?

She is a woman who recognizes the value of slowing down, savoring simple pleasures, and choosing quality over quantity.  At the same time, she is a woman who is passionate about her life, her loved ones, and pursuing her dreams. La Dolce Vita Diva rejects the chaos and expectations of the ever quickening modern American norm, and instead creates a sweet life for herself based on what brings her pleasure, peace, and happiness.  Welcome, Bella!  La Dolce Vita awaits!